inspirational Hope affirmation stone, Foil embellished santorini stone



inspirational Hope affirmation stone

Times are dark for many of us. Yet, there is something beautiful about the sense that even in the most difficult times, a deep and abiding sense of HOPE can sustain us.  This inspirational Hope affirmation stone reflects Hope in the future, hope for your friends and loved ones, hope that there is one last ice cream sandwich lost somewhere in the back of the freezer – hope feeds and sustains us.

This hope rock is heavy, smooth and firm – it feels real and solid when held in your hand, even when your own hope can sometimes seem vague and slippery.

The words and flowers are sparkly and shimmery – they gleam in the sun, like hope that gleams in your eye.

Put this stone on display or share it as a gift to a friend who needs a solid, physical, sparkling reminder of HOPE. You can use this stone as a paperweight, as an aid to resting your hands while painting/drying your nails, or simply on display on a bookshelf or mantle.

My rocks are hand painted with attention to detail. But, because each rock is individually hand crafted, no two will ever be exactly alike. Rocks that are made to order and can be closely replicated as picture shows Each rock is individually created for you and production times may vary. I strive to ship within 5-7 days of receiving an order, but larger numbers or more intricate details may delay shipping times.

Some of my stones have flaws and imperfections that I don’t feel I can charge full price for. These are sold at a discount. Choose imperfect stones when checking out for discounted price.

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