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Painted Mandala Rock

Mandalas are traditionally used as a focus of visualization and meditation, but they also make lovely decorative items as well as thoughtful gifts.

Each piece is unique and hand-made, so it will have imperfections. This Painted Mandala Rock has a few more imperfections than I would like (the finish is a little uneven and there are a few stray marks), so I am offering to you at a discounted price for an item of this type. You will receive the exact item in the photograph so if you want additional pictures just let me know. This mandala is made with a rock fabricated with a mold and is not a naturally found rock. Because a mandala is about symmetry I find that most natural rocks don’t have the uniform dimensions that enhance the mandala form. The finished product has the weight and feel of a natural rock, however.

This design is created with acrylic paint and sealed with a resin coating that is suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

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